The fan,’ star article’ for tourists and Sevillians during the summer.

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At this time of year, when temperatures are the hallmark of everyday life in Seville’s capital, the fan has risen again as the most sought-after complement for tourists and Sevillians to quench the heat, thus becoming the “star article”. There are different sizes, shapes and colors, either for men or women, always depending on the use that everyone wants to give this simple and practical instrument.

This has been explained by the head of a Sevillian establishment specializing in the production of these articles, Miguel Alonso, who has pointed out that there are fans of “palo santo, palo rosa, birch and even horn of bull”. They are all different, as are the types of wood they are made with, which allow for greater or lesser flexibility, so it will “give more or less air”. During the summer season, the most recommended is that of “normal size, which is not draughty and has the pay -the piece of cloth next to the rod-wide to drag more air”.

She has also indicated that “traditional” fans, those used by women “can be smooth or openworked, and there are” smaller and more manageable “fans, the so-called” mini “ones, to carry in the bag. “There are times when ladies prefer fans with openworked rods, but in these the air penetrates through the holes and doesn’t get as much air,”she said.

But the world of the fan is very wide and the tastes very varied. There are some tulle, which is what the Italian tourist demands a lot, especially “in red or black”or the so-called “deck”, whose rods are “all” wood. The latter are wider and heavier, so it is usually used for decoration. Like the mother-of-pearl ones, which are collector’s items and are only used for “certain dates” because they tend to weigh a lot and are very small.

At first glance, this article triumphs more among women, but the truth is that more and more men are looking for an ally in the fan that can shake a little fresh air. In this sense, Alonso has affirmed that although man is “more reluctant to use a fan”, unlike what happened “in the past” when “they used it more”. When they choose to refresh themselves with this article, they usually choose “dark colours such as blue, burgundy or black”,”normally smooth and mini size”, he said.

As for colours, this specialist in fans has recognised that women are more inspired by the trend and choose colours “according to the season”. Thus,”for the daily newspaper” they prefer a colorful “more striking and lively”, so the orange, blue, light blue, red, pistachio or purple tones have stood out. However, he said that the foreign customer from Germany opted for a “more classic” fan with colours such as hazelnut, burgundy, walnut or bottle green.

Depending on the sophistication of its design and the quality of the materials, the prices of the fans range between five and eight euros, although they can reach up to 800 euros, depending on the use you want to give it. However, he explained that there are other “more expensive” fans made from other materials.

As for sales, he said that during Easter Week and the April Fair “have been short”, although they have noticed a recovery and expect “a good summer. “Today and at this time it is the star article, although throughout the year the fan is also moving, especially for foreign tourism,”he concluded.

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