Fan language.

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The fan has always been an elegant feminine complement, but it has also served to communicate.

The language of the fan. Interpretation. Signs with the fan

The terminology that studies the language of the fan and the meaning of its movements is known as “campiology”.

1. Fan quickly. I love you very much.

2. Fan slowly. Fanned in a slow way, it means I am a married woman and you are indifferent to me. Even if it opens and closes very slowly, it means this.

3. Close slowly. This closure means a “Yes”. If it opens and closes quickly it means,”Careful, I’m engaged.

4. Close fast. Closing it quickly and angrily means “No”.

Sign fan. 5. Drop the fan. Dropping the fan means: I belong to you.
6. Lift the hair. If you lift your hair or your bangs move with the fan, it means that you are thinking about yourself, that you don’t forget.

7. Count rods. If you count the fan bars or run your fingers through them, it means you want to talk to us.

8. Cover yourself in the sun. It means you’re ugly, you don’t like her.

9. Put it on your cheek. If it’s on the right cheek, it means “yes.” On the left cheek is “No”.

10. Lend the fan. If he lends the fan to his companion, bad omen. If he gives it to his mother, he means “I fire you, it’s over.”

11. Hit a punch. A blow with the fan on an object means impatience.

12. Hold with both hands. If you hold the fan open with both hands, it means “you’d better forget me”.

Signs fan.
14. Cover your eyes. With the fan open, it means “I love you.” Covering your face may mean “Beware, we are watched.

15. Run it through your eyes. If the fan goes through your eyes, it means I’m sorry. If he closes the fan by touching his eyes, he means,”When I can see you.”

16. Open the fan and show it. It means,”You can wait for me.”

17. Cover your face. Covering your face with the fan open means: Follow me when I leave.

18. Half open. Supporting the fan half open on the lips means “You can kiss me”.

19. Lip resting. If I rest my lips on the fan or its patterns, it means distrust,”I don’t trust you.

20. Run it through the cheek. It means,”I’m married.”

21. Slide it over your eyes. It means,”Go away, please.”

Signs fan. 22. Left hand. Carrying it in your left hand means,”I want to meet you.” Moving it with your left hand means,”We are being watched.
23. Right hand. Wearing it or moving it with your right hand means,”I love someone else.

24. Pass it from one hand to another. It means,”You’re flirting with someone else” or “You’re a daredevil.”

25. Turn it with your right hand. It means,”I don’t like you.”

26. Touch the palm of your hand. It means,”I’m thinking about whether I love you.”

27. Over the heart. To support the open fan on the heart or chest means:”I love you” or “I suffer for your love”.

28. Hitting each other in the left hand. Hitting each other with the fan closed in the left hand means “Love Me”.

29. Look at pictures. Looking at the fan’s drawings means:”I like you very much”.

Signs fan.
30. Lower it to chest level. It means,”We can be friends.” Also leaving him hanging, it means “We’ll be friends.”

31. Close it over your left hand. It means,”I’ll marry you.”

32. I’ll get out. Put yourself on the balcony with the fan open or go out to the balcony fanning. Also enter the lounge fanning.

33. I’m not going out. Leave the fan closed on the balcony, go out to the balcony with the fan closed, or go into the living room with the fan closed.

34. Throw the fan away. It means,”I hate you.” or “Goodbye, it’s over.”

35. Present it closed. It means,”Do you love me?”…”

36. Over the ear. The left one. “Leave me alone, I don’t want to know anything about you.” Right,”Don’t reveal our secret.”

37. Count or open a certain number of rods. The time to meet for an appointment, depending on the number of open or “tapped”rods.

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