¿Que es un abanico?

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A fan is an instrument that allows air to be moved and facilitates cooling against high temperatures. It consists of two parts: the country (consisting of fabric, paper or leather) and the deck of cards, a rigid and folding base.

Its operation is manual and consists of shaking the arm that supports it with a certain intensity, to achieve a draft of air that allows to diminish the sensation of heat. The origin of the fan is found in Japan, although its use was extended all over the world. The fan is widely used in regions such as Andalusia, for example.

Although its construction is very simple, the fan is also considered a fashion accessory, so the most important manufacturers take into account various factors associated with the design and quality of the product.

The fan is usually used by adult women. However, many young women also use it and even lines for men have been developed.

As far as refrigeration is concerned, the fan has lost much of its ground following the invention of the fan (an electric device with high-speed blades) and the air conditioning (or air conditioner).

On the other hand, the concept of fan allows to name anything that has a similar shape to the traditional fan, such as peacock tail, for example.

Abanico is also the series of options or proposals that are presented so that someone can choose between them:”The range is very wide, but I’ll keep the first project”.

Fan as a means of communication

For many of us, a fan represents an old-fashioned complement that was meant to help withstand heat when there was no electric cooling. The reality is that it played an important role for many women, as it provided them with a portable means of communication, which was very useful for them to converse silently among themselves and with men, in environments where protocol did not allow them to pronounce certain words or address certain subjects.

As will be explained below, the fan was used to establish silent conversations of medium complexity, with details as specific as letters or numbers: What is a fan?

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